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It owns You can now identify products and other factors that drive the growth of revenue and profits thanks howtoaquaponic. The demand for aquaponics market reports has led to continuous research and publishing of reports every day.


The reports are well researched and […]. Michelle Bachelet, UN human rights chief, stated on Tuesday that the gangland violence currently plaguing Mexico resembles that of the era of military dictatorship in her native Chile. Bachelet, who used to be a Chilean president, scheduled a five-day visit to Mexico to meet with government officials along with violence victims. In a news conference, […].

In the past three years, there has been an increase in the number of Central American migrants arriving in the US. As is always mentioned, most of the immigrants are families, most of which come from Guatemala, while the remaining are from Honduras and El Salvador. But what exactly sparked such an increase in immigration?

Just last year, Macri was forced to seek […]. In , the country recorded the second highest inflation rate in Latin America. Foreign exchange specialists describe the currency as the worst-performer in the market […]. A Venezuelan woman who was expectant lost her life as she could not cross rivers in Colombia. Simon Bolivar Bridge which used to serve as the main crossing point between Colombia and Venezuela was closed by the Venezuelan government a while ago.

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The closing down was due to the illegal crossings that took place. The […]. Anglo American, a London-based mining company, could possibly halt its Los Bronces mining project if environmental studies reveal that such a project can harm nearby glaciers. According to reports, the mining company will file for environmental approval to increase production at the Los Bronces mine.

According to Henni Faul, head of the copper business, the […]. An influx of Guatemalan refugees has come pouring over the US border in the hopes of escaping from their country devastated by climate change. This has prompted US president Trump to issue a statement last week, warning that he will close the US border due to the entry of Central American migrants in the area. While in Argentina, the minister has agreed to the Better […].

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However, it seems good news is eventually taking place as Machu Picchu finds salvation, thanks to recycling. Just last weeks, residents, officials, and companies Inkaterra and Grupo Aje joined hands and inaugurated an organic waste-processing […]. Colombia has been one of those who move towards banning the use of animals for testing out cosmetic products.

Cruelty-Free International has reported that the Colombian government, the Congress, and the House of Representatives had been unanimous in this bill that seeks to create the ban in using animals as testers to cosmetics and other […]. As Donald bids to crack down on illegal migrants on the Mexico-USA border, he is contemplating on another step.

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He has pronounced the relocation of migrants from Mexico to the USA as a national emergency. The emergency is to pave the way for billions of dollars that will be used to fund the construction of […]. Thousands of Mexican employees have stopped working as an industrial action over the last few months. Majority of them work at the edge near the U. It is the same boundary where President Trump intends to construct the big wall. On Saturday, the rival political faction took place in the towns across Venezuela.

Juan Guaidó, the opposition leader who is being backed by the U. S, is trying to eject communist President Nicólas Maduro. These […]. President Duque would also have a personal visit to the natives of Cauca this coming Tuesday for further negotiations between them and the indigenous groups in the rural Colombian region. The protesters […]. A hotel manager of the Toloa hotels in Tumbes, Peru, had welcomed refugees from Venezuela.


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At first, Percy Ariansen had thought that the trickling number of Venezuelan refugees would only include those who were able to afford the hotel stay. However, with the United Nations Refugee Agency funding, he was able to welcome more of […].

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The International Criminal Court ICC was formally asked yesterday by human rights leaders from Colombia and Europe to conduct an investigation of the recent killings of several social leaders in the South American country. Social leaders across the country together with […]. Venezuelans are transforming the El Avila National Park into a public bathroom after the country was hit by a power crisis which affected the delivery of public utilities including water.


A British activist and Catholic missionary was found dead and burnt in a hostel that he founded in the city of Iquitos in Peru. Francisco Moreno, head forensic doctor in Loreto region, confirmed the news that Paul McAuley was found dead, and his body was apparently burned after. The forensic expert later added that he […]. There are still at least unidentified remains who were all victims of the military dictatorship in Argentina several decades ago that still need to be identified by the authorities.

The Argentine Forensic Anthropology team which was created in , a year after the country gained independence from the military junta, has already found at […]. There will be no US- Central American countries summit on immigration.

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This was revealed by the US president Donald Trump. Many anticipated a summit with Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras to solve the current impasse. Cultural appropriation comes in various types.

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